At the time this post is published, I’m 7 months away from turning 28. I have absolutely loved my twenties and looking back I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, learned, and grown through. The older I get, the more me I become. I don’t fear age, because I know that with each passing year I’m further along in my journey of discovering who I am. 

Something that doesn’t change each year is that this gal loves setting goals + intentions, so I thought it would be fun to write down 30 things I want to do before I turn 30 in just over two years! A list this long is probably a lofty goal, but I’m excited to hold myself accountable to these things and see what the next couple years have in store. I’ll cross items off this post and keep you updated on my progress as I go! 

(1) Visit three new places a year
(2) Continue snowboard lessons and then…
(3) Take a snowboarding vacation 
(4) Start seriously writing a novel, maybe join a writers’ group
(5) Volunteer long-term 
(6) Keep up my fitness into my 30s
(7) Find more joy in cooking
(8) Consistently meditate, whether it’s a couple times a week or daily
(9) Host more family dinners + brunches 
(10) Continue developing myself creatively
(11) Re-learn Polish and become conversational
(12) Travel for one month again
(13) Get through our home reno list 
(14) Take a cooking class 
(15) Celebrate the little things in life more 
(16) Learn how to make one really good cocktail
(17) Plant a garden and keep it alive for at least one summer
(18) Reorganize our closets and keep them organized
(19) Strictly travel with a carry-on + personal bag 
(20) Get comfortable with our espresso machine
(21) Eat vegan for two whole days a week 
(22) Make travel part of my job
(23) Create + stick to a capsule wardrobe 
(24) Get in the habit of time-blocking my calendar 
(25) Be intentional with how I spend time on my phone
(26) Only purchase cruelty-free makeup 
(27) Read 50 books each year
(28) Read more self-development books
(29) Invest in a piece of art
(30) Take advantage of weekend getaways