Welcome to Coffee on Sunday! I’m Melissa, but almost everyone calls me Mel. 

My favourite mornings are born of coffee and cozy sweaters. I’ve given up on pretending I like going out on a Saturday night; what I really want is to cuddle up on our sectional with my husband Alex, our cats Phoenix + Nova, and our closest friends (though to be honest, I can never say no to a dance floor).

My daydreams are made of new travel destinations and new food adventures. I dig a combination of comfort, spontaneity, and organization in my everyday life. I’m working toward sustainability in my wardrobe, and you can expect to read about that here, too. And while I’m not one to live for the weekend, Sundays are undoubtedly my favourite day of the week.

I’m a multi-passionate creative who strongly believes in following your gut + listening to the little voice that’s telling you to go for it. This is my cozy little digital space. Whether you’re reading with me on Sundays or just dropping by, I hope you enjoy what you find here and come back soon.