There was a time when I’d yell into my closet everyday, hoping it would answer me with an outfit. As you can imagine, my closet sat silent, teasing me with its contents (haha!)

A lack of clothing was not the issue – it was that I didn’t have any go-to outfits to reach for. I spent precious time in the morning trying new outfit combinations, only to get frustrated when they didn’t work. I had ‘special’ outfits for meetings or nights out, but I lacked an everyday go-to.

Enter stage left: the outfit formula.

Creating a few outfit formulas was what helped me appreciate my clothing, get ready quicker, and ultimately shop more thoughtfully. Knowing that [fitted mock-neck + an ankle pant + a boyfriend blazer = an outfit I feel great in] has saved me so much time!

If you’re thinking you might want to do the same, here are the benefits of creating outfit formulas, as well as some of my go-to formulas below!

the benefits of creating outfit formulas

1 – it’s a time saver

Creating a couple outfit formulas saves you SO much time getting ready – in my experience anyway! Knowing what outfits work is perfect for days when time is not on your side and you want to feel your best.

Similarly, in the situation where a new outfit combination just doesn’t feel like it’s working, you can always fall back on one of your outfit formulas.

Long sleeve fitted turtleneck and short sleeve fitted turtleneck | black ankle pant | boyfriend blazer | white leather sneakers | black block heels | minimal gold earrings | tote bag

2 – it helps you shop thoughtfully

When you have specific outfit formulas, it actually helps you focus your shopping efforts. You already know what you feel best in and the styles you gravitate towards. It also helps you figure out what you wear the most, and what items you can have less of because they’re not as high-wear.

This has especially helped me maintain a smaller wardrobe because I don’t feel like I need more clothing to create outfits from; I just need the right pieces in my closet. I can therefore invest more in my tried-and-true basics and get a lot of wear out of those pieces.

3 – it makes room in your day for other things

One of the biggest benefits of a smaller wardrobe is that it takes up less space in your life – physically and mentally – and therefore makes room for other things. Outfit formulas do the same thing: when the decision of what to wear is already made, you gain more space in your morning. Maybe you use that to sleep longer, to meditate, to make a nice breakfast, or to just not rush. What would you do with the extra time?

neutral turtleneck  | classic denim  | white leather sneakers | black booties | minimal gold earrings | felt hat

4 – it’s a confidence-booster

Having outfit formulas that you know you feel great in is a big confidence booster! I am a believer in the power of wearing clothing you love. Putting on your favourite items puts an extra pep in your step.

On days when you need a boost, reach for one of your feel-good outfit formulas. Or, if you have something important coming up, like a meeting you’re leading at work, relying on your outfit formulas ensures you’ll feel comfortable and confident; the last thing you want in that kind of situation is to be fussing with your clothing.

midi dress | short vegan leather jacket | white leather sneakers | black booties | minimal gold earrings | cross-body bag

And there you have it – four big benefits of creating outfit formulas! They may seem simple, but they really allow for more room in your day to focus on other things, help you feel great, and help you maintain a smaller wardrobe.

What’s one of your go-to outfit formulas?

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    1. I’m so happy to hear you found this useful! 🙂 They’re honestly such time savers! Thanks for reading! xo

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