Last week, Alex and I booked a couple nights at the Rosemount Inn in Kingston to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We’d never been to Kingston, but after looking up some restaurants and seeing some photos of the Rosemount, we had a feeling we would absolutely love it.

how to spend 48 hours in kingston ontario

Kingston has everything Alex and I love in a new city destination: a vibrant food scene, independent coffee shops, intricate architecture, and a homey feeling. We feel so lucky to have so many amazing cities to discover in Canada, and Kingston has definitely been added to our favourite Canadian destinations. Here’s how we spent 48 hours in Kingston Ontario.

to stay

the rosemount inn

I think it’s important to note that we didn’t initially choose Kingston as our destination, we first chose the Rosemount Inn. We were looking for a cozy place to spend a couple days, and the Rosemount fit the bill.

This is one of the loveliest places we’ve stayed to date. The owners, Lucy and Matt, have created a space that is cozy, moody, and luxurious. While the property, neighbourhood, and interior design are all absolutely lovely, what really made our experience incredible were the little details: a mini bottle of champagne with a handwritten note reading “enjoy!” waiting for us in the mini fridge; a tray with coasters on the bed’s headboard; nespresso coffee to pour into beautiful mugs; multiple arm chairs and ottomans to lounge; a tech-free space for a truly relaxing getaway; boutique soaps in a luxe bathroom.

What also impressed us was how they made us feel safe in the midst of a pandemic: touch-less checkin; sanitizer to take with us on the go; and – best yet – a tray of breakfast foods delivered to our door every morning at 8am, filled with local goodies.

Suffice to say, we will be visiting the Rosemount Inn again and again.

to eat

dinner at tango nuevo

We ate at Tango Nuevo, a tapas restaurant featuring fresh and local ingredients, on our first night in Kingston. There was not one dish on the menu that we weren’t interested in trying, and I wish we could have eaten there for a week straight just to taste them all.

Our favourite? A tie between the Su Pastry and the Thai Curry Cod.

lunch at chez piggy

We saw tons of great reviews about the food at Chez Piggy and also liked the sound of the location: an abandoned limestone stable. We took a tucked-away path in between storefronts to arrive at the front door, and felt like we were entering a new little world.

The service was lovely, I swooned over the colourfully mismatched napkins, and the food was – as expected – excellent.

I ordered the Grilled Cheese Avocado Toast and still cannot get over how delicious it was.

dinner at casa domenico

We booked our anniversary dinner at Casa Domenico, and it didn’t disappoint. The location was right downtown, the atmosphere was sophisticated and cozy, and the food was top notch. I pretty much inhaled my Genovese Gnocchi. It was tough to pick one thing off the menu when it all looked so amazing.

lunch at atomica kitchen + cocktails

Atomica Kitchen + Cocktails was our last food stop in Kingston, and it was a great way to end the trip. They somehow made tofu taste like chicken tenders, and that is not an easy feat. This is an excellent stop for lunch or dinner.

to caffeinate

kingston coffee house

Perhaps now in my top five favourite coffee shops ever, we loved Kingston Coffee House so much we visited twice in as many days. It’s cozy and bright, with a lovely view of Springer Market Square. Their house roast is smooth and decadent, and we received the most skilled latte art. Check out my little bear latte below.

northside espresso + kitchen

We didn’t get to grab coffee at NORTHSIDE because it was closed when we were there. However, the reviews are glowing. We’ve added this coffee shop to our list for next time we visit Kingston.

to see + do

walk the waterfront

The Kingston waterfront is beautifully developed with many historic sites to see along the way. I’d love to come back in the summer and sit outside with a coffee to leisurely take in the views.

visit queen’s university

Alex and I love checking out university campuses, and Queen’s is absolutely one to see. The school was established in the mid 1800s, but if you didn’t know that, you’d probably be able to guess by the intricate architecture that makes up the faculty buildings.

We spent a rainy afternoon walking through the campus, feeling like we were walking through palace grounds, and reading about its history.

take in the architecture

Queen’s isn’t the only spot in Kingston with incredible architecture. From the Neoclassical City Hall located in Springer Market Square, to the Kingston Penitentiary, to the historic homes that look onto the waterfront, you’ll hardly be able to take it all in.

We loved just strolling around the city to admire the architecture, or sitting in cafés and restaurants that showed off the view (which, luckily, was all of them).

do a haunted walking tour

I am a total chicken, so this was not something I was willing to do. But we did walk past a couple haunted tours, and they looked fun for those not easily spooked, haha! With so many buildings in Kingston dating back to the 1800s, I can only imagine how many stops would be on a tour (I was honestly too scared to check).

Kingston is an amazing city that does it all. Have you visited before? How would you spend 48 hours in Kingston Ontario?



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