Today is our one year wedding anniversary!

It feels as though it was just yesterday that Alex and I were vowing our love forever, but also like that moment happened in another lifetime. And yet we have surpassed our first holidays as husband and wife, our first birthdays as husband and wife, our first seasons as husband and wife. We’re no longer considered newlyweds, though I still feel that sweetness that comes with being newly married. I’m confident we’ll feel that sweetness for many, many years.

Before getting married, we weren’t sure if we’d feel any different after the big day. We already lived together and we were fully committed to each other. Our marriage would just solidify that commitment.

But that’s exactly why getting married did feel different.

Getting married made us a team in a way that we couldn’t understand before. It is incredibly intimate to vow to be partners in life. It is incredibly special to promise to be each other’s family. And that bond is so beautiful and comforting and wonderful.

Though we didn’t expect our first year of marriage to mainly occur indoors, we have cherished this extra time together so much. Most couples don’t get to spend all their time together until retirement, but we got it in our first year. How lucky are we? It has given us the time to live slowly. To eat all of our meals together. To fall into an easy rhythm of coffee at 10am, and daily walks, and enjoying the little things in life. We might have had a different year planned, but I’m absolutely thankful for our quiet and very much together first year of marriage.

To my incredible, handsome, loving husband – happy first anniversary, my love. I am so happy you’re my forever best friend.

Our beautiful wedding photos by Christina Stirpe

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