Since we moved into our home over three years ago, I’ve gotten a lot of joy in being able to create a comfortable and inspiring environment for me and Alex. This is something Alex pretty much lets me take the lead on; of course we still make all significant decisions together, but having a comfortable and organized space is something that is truly valuable to me and steers a lot of my happiness and productivity. We all derive happiness from different things – my environment happens to be a big one for me.

We joke about it, but I can’t watch a movie in our living room until everything has been put in its proper place, our ceiling lights are turned off in favour of table lamps, and it smells nice (haha!) This is not so much about buying new decor items, but more about the atmosphere as a whole: cozy lighting, scents that are calming, and a space that is uncluttered.

Of course we live in our space and it’s not always perfect, but I have some tried and true tips on how to create a comfortable and inspiring home environment.

find organization solutions that work for you

Organization is first on the list because when our space is organized and put-together, it removes a lot of stress from our minds and lives.

Of course not everything can be organized 100% of the time, but generally ensuring most things have a place, having easy storage solutions in well-loved spaces, and spending a few minutes a day putting things away is a great step in creating a calm and happy environment.

invest in items that increase the quality of your day

You don’t need to blow your budget on every item in your space. Instead, invest in items that you know will make you happy and increase the quality of your day-to-day life. This might be a coffee machine, cozy bedding, candles that smell nostalgic, a great closet organizer, or quality kitchen utensils. Every time you use or interact with those things, it will bring some positivity to your day.

value your daily view

Whether it’s the first thing you see when you wake up, or when you look up from your computer in your office space, your view is important. Fill your most-used spaces with things that make you happy (like books or art) and try to keep them as clutter-free as possible. Waking up to clutter doesn’t really start the day in a positive way – I’m personally in a much better mood when the first thing I see is a clean room free of laundry baskets and random items strewn across our dresser.

create a calming everyday routine

No one wants to start their morning frazzled and in a rush. Starting your day (or ending it) on a positive note is a lot about how comfortable you feel in your environment. Create a routine that makes you feel inspired, calm, and happy, and set up your space to help you do just that. Place your favourite slippers next to your bed. Set your coffee machine to have a pot of joe ready when you wake up. Have your gratitude journal handy on your bedside table and grab it before you go to bed. It’s about the little things that bring you contentment.

enjoy your space

Okay, this might sound obvious, like “duh, of course I’m going to enjoy it.” But to me, this means fully living in your space, relaxing in it, setting it up to work for you, and spending quality time within it. You don’t need to fill it with stuff – just the things that truly keep you happy, comfortable, and inspired. It will make you appreciate the space you have so much more.

What are some ways you like to create a comfortable and inspiring home environment? What’s important for you to have in your space?


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