Photos by Christina Stirpe Photography : We recently got our full wedding gallery back from our incredible photographer Christina! We love them so much – scroll through for some sneak peaks!

I had been waiting for my wedding day since I was a kid. I dreamed of a perfect day with a perfect man and a perfect dress. I swooned over romcoms. I loved going to other people’s weddings and seeing their perfect days unfold. And when I knew my now-husband was the one, I started building a very large and detailed Pinterest board to inspire my future wedding day.

On July 4, 2018 I got engaged to my perfect man on a gondola traveling between two mountains. It was the happiest day of our lives (now second only to our actual wedding day!) and the idea of this man being my husband was overwhelming in the best way possible. We couldn’t wait to celebrate with our family and friends, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t totally excited to finally put those inspo boards to use.

When we started planning, my mom told me about how much weddings have changed over the years; when she married my dad, there was no social media to search for ideas, and creating a picture-perfect wedding wasn’t really a thing. Now, the possibilities are literally endless when it comes to your wedding day, and the limit does not exist when it comes to tips and ideas.

In my pre-finacé life, I was totally enthralled by any wedding inspiration I came across online. But once we actually got engaged, I felt myself checking my inspiration photos less and less. All-in-all, I was pretty chill throughout wedding planning, but the beginning was a little stressful for me: the pressure to create a “Pinterest worthy wedding” was real. But very quickly, I realized that what I really wanted out of our engagement was to enjoy it! It’s such an exciting, sweet, romantic, and celebratory time – I wanted to totally soak in every bit of it.

If I told my younger self that I barely used Pinterest or Instagram to plan my wedding, she’d host an intervention. But honestly, I didn’t miss it. Of course I used both to store some bridesmaid dress options and bouquet ideas (though I pretty much let my florist do her thing), but I rarely paid attention to all the DIYs and extravagant setups and photos that I once scrolled through constantly.

The excitement of planning a perfect day was far over-shadowed by the excitement of Alex becoming my husband. I knew he was it the first time I met him, and getting to this point was truly the only important part of our wedding day – along with having our friends and family there to celebrate with us! Instead of stressing over details, we followed our intuition and made easy decisions together. We hired vendors who we clicked with and instantly loved. We did the things that felt like us, and we did them without much influence from the internet and social media.

And you know what?

Our wedding was the most perfect, fun, emotional, and wonderful day of our lives. It was laid back and easy. It was filled with so much love. We could not wipe the smiles off our faces. We felt so supported and cared for and loved. We danced all night. Waking up the next morning, we couldn’t believe the day we had lived and the milestone we had reached.

If you’re currently in the planning process and feeling the wedding stress, I feel you. There is definitely stress that comes with such a huge day. But there is nothing better than marrying your best friend, and that’s what the day is all about. You are getting a husband or wife! You’re becoming a husband or wife! And your happiness will be the most obvious and infectious part of your wedding.


Wedding dress – Mona Richie Boutique
Suits – Botello Collection
Photography – Christina Stirpe Photography
Videography – Baker Studios
Flowers + decor – The Creative Occasion
Hair and makeup – Muah Beauty

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