It’s officially my favourite time of year. Even when I’m super content with the hot sunshine and cottage weekends of the summer, a part of me is excited that fall is just around the corner. 

What I love most about the season is the coziness of it (and yes, I know this is totally a cheat because literally everything about fall is cozy): the hot cider, the heavier layers, the thicker blankets, the moodier skies, the comforting meals – and switching up my home decor to take full advantage of this extra comfort. 

When it comes to decorating for fall, I don’t spend or change too much. It only lasts for a couple months, and once November hits I’m pulling out the Christmas decor anyway (lol, I clearly like my holiday months!)

Here are four tips I follow to decorate for fall as a minimalist. 

Choose pieces that fit with your existing decor

I may love fall decor, but I still want it to fit our style. Our living room and kitchen have darker woods mixed in with neutral colours. So, when I look for new seasonal pieces, I gravitate towards moodier colours, wood, and brassy metals.

Using our existing colour palette makes our fall decor look a little more elevated and sophisticated. It looks like it has a purpose, and isn’t just a kitschy temporary piece. It also ensures that we’re not wasting money on something we’ll only use for one year. I love pulling out last year’s decor and maybe buying one or two new items to update our collection.

Good to note that your pieces don’t necessarily need to be “fall decor” – I picked up this giant metal wasp from HomeSense in the summer, knowing it would give me the eery vibe I like around Halloween. 

Use natural materials 

We love filling our homes with fresh flowers in the spring and summer, so why not bring the outdoors inside for fall, too? 

I love that pumpkins and gourds come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. To fit our moody and natural looking palette, I skip out on the bright orange pumpkins and opt for mini white gourds. I’ll also put a couple larger ones on the floor beside our piano. 

Natural materials are a fun way to celebrate the colours and textures of fall. If you only bring one thing into your home during this time, I suggest a few pumpkins or even an arrangement of mums. Plus, it gives you an excuse to explore nearby farms and markets.

Just focus on a couple rooms

I don’t do a full house of fall decor, mainly because I find it gets overwhelming and kitschy fast. Instead, I focus on our living room and kitchen where we spend most of our time together and with friends. 

In our kitchen, I’ll switch out our year-round table decor for a couple neutral fall pieces. If we have guests over for dinner, I’ll put out a couple more festive accents, like napkins adorned with skulls and (biodegradable) orange and black striped straws.

In our living room, I’ll swap one of our prints for something a little more eerie (like my skeleton print that now stays out all year). Then I’ll scatter a few more pieces in our ladder shelf, and along our TV stand. 


Set the mood

As I’ve mentioned, the MOOD of fall is my favourite thing about it. If you don’t want to decorate, set the atmosphere inside instead: pull out your thickest blankets, light a fall-scented candle, and open the windows to let that crisp air in. Your home will feel so cozy you’ll be inspired to just sit on your couch for a month watching Halloween movies – which sounds pretty good to me. 

I’m a true believe that less is more, and that you should stick to your personal style when decorating seasonally. A space that feels like you is the best space! 

Do you get excited to decorate for fall? What are some of your go-to pieces?

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