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There is literally no event that can’t be made better with food. We love sharing food with our friends and family, and we have some go-to snacks + meals we always turn to, like our homemade smoker pizza (a favourite amongst our people), fresh guac, fish tacos, and charcuterie boards. Food just brings people together in the best kind of way. We dig it. 

Given our extensive love of food, we always have snacks on deck when we have friends coming over to hang out, whether planned or impromptu. There are a few things we try to keep stocked in our kitchen for those spontaneous hey-come-over-for-some-wine nights that are loved and devoured by all. 


You can buy a jumbo sized bag and just keep it coming. A favourite with our friends is Boom Chicka Pop – a healthy and irresistible option. Store a few bags in your cupboard and never worry again about having a good snack for your snack-lovin’ friends. 

Stuff for a quick cheese board

Our cheese board favourites include fancy crackers (lol), fig spread, and some walnuts. Paired with gouda or beemster cheese, these items make it look like you went out of your way to make something special. We always have these things on hand and buy a nice cheese every couple weeks.

Frozen home-made cookies

Next time you (or your grandmother in our case, ha!) is feeling creative in the kitchen, freeze some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Not only do they somehow taste even better frozen, your friends will appreciate you even more than they already do when you put those bad boys out. 


Of both the solid and liquid variety. If you’re going to eat them either way, a bunch of grapes lasts a little longer in the fridge and they’re an easy thing to throw in a cute bowl when someone drops by. 

What’s something you always have in your kitchen that you can put together quickly when friends + family come over?

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