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When I was 16 I went through a phase where I only wanted to wear recycled t-shirts and use hemp shampoo and eat sodium-free snacks. It was a weird time for me and I’m unsure of the vibe I was going for, but given my pride in the two recycled-material t-shirts I owned, I’d say I was trying to be more eco-conscious.

Over 10 years later and I’m a lot more educated about how to be kinder to our environment. I think a lot of us are. But I think a lot of us also see zero-waste videos and think “there is no way I can do that, am I failing at being environmentally aware???” I’ve definitely thought it – it takes a huge commitment and I don’t know if it’s one I could maintain. 

But what I’ve learned is that we don’t need to go to extremes to protect our earth. We just need to be conscious about the everyday choices we make and about how we can improve them, even a little bit. What seems like something small can make a big impact when it’s done every day. 

If you’re needing new ideas, here are 10 simple ways to be kinder to the environment in your everyday life:

Carry reusable bags 

Keep your own reusable bags in the trunk of your car so you always have them when you go to the grocery store. For everyday purchases like clothes, makeup, and toiletries, bring your own tote bag into the mall. These ones from Amazon are great quality, and come in a two-pack.

Pack your lunch in glass containers 

They’re easier to microwave, your food won’t taste like melted plastic, and they won’t open + spill in your bag. 

Recycle your clothing 

Don’t just throw out your old clothes – donate the good stuff or swap with your friends. Some stores like H&M have clothing recycle programs – bring in whatever you’ve got, they’ll sort it based on what can be donated and what can be used as recycled material (i.e. anything with holes or stains). Plus, they’ll give you a $5 gift card for your donation. 

Bamboo toothbrushes 

These bamboo brushes come in a four-pack and are biodegradable. They also look ~chic~ in your bathroom. 

Reusable makeup remover pads

I l-o-v-e my reusable makeup remover pads – these ones are extra big + fluffy, and take off my makeup much better than one-use cotton pads. Throw them in the included laundry bag once you’ve used them and wash them on hot – you can use them again and again.  

Ditch dryer sheets

Why buy one-use dryer sheets when your clothes can feel just as fluffy with these cute + reusable dryer hedgehogs

Clean with green products

They’re made in a more eco-friendly way and are non-toxic + biodegradable. Extra bonus if you have pets or kids – you can feel better about wiping down literally every surface of your home. This is my favourite all-purpose cleaner that smells great and actually cuts kitchen grease. 

Reduce your meat consumption 

I’m not telling you to cut out meat entirely or radically change the way you eat. Introducing a meatless day or two into your week can make a big environmental impact. Here are some of my favourite vegetarian meals

Use all those cute water bottles you have

You bought them because they’re cute. Now use them because they are SO MUCH BETTER for our earth than one-use plastic bottles. 

Just say no to plastic straws

Why do you even need them when pastel silicone straws like this exist??? 

Making environmentally-friendly choices doesn’t have to be hard, expensive, or time-consuming. Will you try some of these ideas? What are some different ways you take care of our environment?

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